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Unlimited Access to a CarRepairExpert


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Call your repair expert as much as you need, Monday through Friday 8:00AM — 6:00PM to see if your repair quote is fair or just to ask questions. Get a second opinion on the spot! Your Car Repair Expert will make sure you understand exactly what your car actually needs and how much you should be paying for it to make sure you are not being charged too much. This service could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars and you can have access to it for only $3 a month!

Hassle Free Car Repairs


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Don’t want to have to play telephone trying to tell us what the mechanic told you, and then tell the mechanic our response? For only $1 a month you can just hand the mechanic the phone and let your Car Repair Expert do all the talking for you! Don’t worry though, we will make sure you are as informed and involved as you want to be and no decision will be made without your say so.

Shop Finder & Appt. Scheduler


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You don’t have time to research and shop around for a good mechanic, so for only $2 a month we will do it for you! Also just tell us when you are available and we will even call the shop to schedule your service or repair. You don’t have to do anything except drive to the shop!

Maintenance Reminders



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Never forget when your next oil change or belt replacement is due! We will keep track of when your last service was and then either call, text, or email (whichever you prefer) to remind you! We will help you make sure your car stays running by never going overdue on services for only $2 a month!

Complete Record of Car Repairs


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Whether you are just balancing your checkbook or making sure your mechanic isn’t trying to get you to agree to repairs you have already had done, keeping a record of all of your repairs is important. But you don’t have the time to keep track of all of your services and you don’t want to keep filing cabinets full of invoices. Instead, just take a picture of your invoice with your phone, send it to us and we will keep track of it all for you! For only $1 a month you will have access to all of these records whenever you need them!

Multiple Vehicles on Your Plan


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Have access to our services for every vehicle in your household for only $5 a month more!

Cheryl S. - Peachtree City, GA

“Car Repair Expert gives me peace of mind, knowing I have a reliable source to remind me not just when my car needs regular maintenance, but also to advise me when I need a repair. My questions have been thoroughly researched and answered promptly. They already saved me from unnecessarily spending over $1000 on a recommended repair to correct a front end vibration, when all I needed to do was get my tires balanced. I highly recommend them!”

Tami S. - Kennewick, WA

“Car repair expert saved me at least $500! I had a broken piece on the door panel on my suburban so I called car repair expert for help. They did research and called me back with options. They gave me the price on a new part and had found a door panel for me at a salvage yard close to my home, and they even called my local auto shop to let me know how much installation would cost. I loved it that they did all of the research on my options and costs and then I got to choose what I wanted to do. I had not even considered getting a part from a salvage yard but that is what I chose to do and it worked out perfectly!! Thanks Car Repair Expert!”

Steve S. - Peachtree City, GA

“I sent him pictures of my brake pads the mechanics showed me. A car repair expert advised me exactly how long I had left on them. It’s very reassuring I have a third party ready and willing to help.”

*Discounts vary per shop

** If we do not find a shop that will give you discounts for being a Car Repair Expert Member within your 14 day trial we will refund your basic membership fee until we do. All other add-on charges will still apply once the trial has ended