Willnette took her car to the shop for a simple exhaust leak, or so she thought. When the mechanic came out he told her that she needed to pay $2,600 to fix it.

This is what she said in her own words,

“The mechanic told me that I had hit something or ran over something and it had damaged my muffler. He also stated because my muffler is attached to my converter it would cost me around $2600 to get it fixed. And under the same breath, he said they had customer financing available.


Now Y’all,… I drive a 2005 Infinity Q45 and I have had it since then. My car is 13 years old and within the last 2 years, I have spent close to $5,000.00 on repairs/upkeep and it is probably valued at around $1,500.00 today.


I don’t know anything about car repairs, but I do know… it didn’t make sense for me to invest $2,600.00 to get it fixed, which is more than what my car is worth. Heck! I could have purchased a used car in great condition for that amount. Right?


Unsure of what to do, she called Car Repair Expert

and handed the phone to the mechanic. We had him explain the diagnosis and send us pictures of her broken exhaust. Speaking with him we understood that there was indeed a crack in her exhaust and it unfortunately would cost her $2,600 to get it replaced, so the mechanic wasn’t lying.

But was that her only option? NO!

Seeing the picture of her cracked exhaust we knew it could be patched with a simple weld and there are plenty of shops around that are willing to do that for her. So we told her to thank the mechanic but she was going to take the car elsewhere to have it welded.

Well guess what, as soon as the mechanic heard that she was going to take her business somewhere else he suddenly remembered that he could weld it for her right then and there.

And she only had to pay $88.48


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