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Why Choose Us


Your personal Car Repair Expert will have years of experience in the car repair industry and will know what he is talking about. We only choose the kind of mechanic who we would go to for advice so you can trust that your expert will know what he is talking about.


Integrity and honesty are kind of our whole thing. We only hire former mechanics who have seen the dishonesty in the industry and we know will be completely honest and upfront with you. We are not affiliated with any car shop so you can trust that we don’t care about the mechanic. We are on your side. No gimmicks, no schemes. We want to save you money, that is our only purpose.


We are here for you, so we want to help you in a way that is best for you. Your Car Repair Expert will maintain all of your records for you and personalize your vehicle’s maintenance plan just how you want it. This is your vehicle, and we are your Car Repair Expert.

Meet the Owners

Travis is a father of five and a loving husband. For twelve years he managed the most reputable car shop in town. However, although he and his mechanics strove to keep the shop they ran honest, he saw that too many other shops did not feel the same way and he saw too many customers, including his own family, getting ripped off. That was when he set his sights higher to create a company whose sole purpose is to represent and protect the customer.




Brandon is a father, devoted husband, and US Army Veteran. His job is to find as many people as he can to help them save money on their car repairs. Working in the corporate world for his entire career he knew that there was more for him to do. He loved his service in the military as a chance to do something meaningful with his life and wanted to devote himself to helping others, but he still needed to provide for his wife and three kids. So when his brother, Travis, approached him with his plan to start a business whose sole purpose was to help people not get ripped off, of course he said yes!