Repair your car yourself!

with some help

DIY Membership

We know there are a lot of you out there who like to fix things yourselves, but you aren't expert mechanics. You'd like to repair your car on your own but YouTube, Google, and online forums can only take you so far. Sometimes it is easier to be able to just call someone who you know can help.

Let us be that someone! Sign up now and you can have access to an expert mechanic who has all the same resources as the guys at the shop. There is no monthly membership fee, just sign up for free and then only pay $35 per repair.

That's $35 to be able to call or text your Car Repair Expert as much as you need to get the job done. It's like having a best friend who knows how to fix everything, except this one is never too busy to help you out!

Sign up for FREE and only pay $35 for all the advice you need to finish your repair!

How we can help you fix your car


Have a Car Repair Expert on call to guide you through the repair. He will be able to tell you what parts and tools you need and the best way to do it!


We will send you the same repair guides, diagrams, and manuals that the experts use!


Order parts and tools through us and pay less! We will send the part you need for your car straight to your door for a price you can't get anywhere else!*


As a member, you can join our seasonal car subscription where we send you all the gear you'll need for your car in the upcoming months, tailored to your exact car.

*Some parts may not be applicable